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The ITAIR ISAC (Italian Airports Information Sharing Analysis Center) is a Center for the collection, analysis and sharing of relevant cyber threat information for the Air Transport and Aviation Sector. The ITAIR ISAC, established through a co-financed initiative by the Executive Agency for Health and Digital (HaDEA) of the European Commission, was created as part of the Connecting Europe Facility Programme (2014-2020) with the aim to increase the resilience of the Sector against cyber threats.

The Action lasted 25 months and was coordinated by Assaeroporti one of the beneficiaries along with ENAV Group, SEA – Aeroporti di Milano, Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna, SACBO – Aeroporto di Bergamo, SAGAT- Aeroporto di Torino.

Mission and Objectives

Improve cyber threat prevention and response capabilities through the collection and sharing of timely and specific information about threats, attack scenarios and related countermeasures, which can be used proactively to mitigate their potential impacts. The main objective of the ITAIR ISAC is to enhance the cyber resilience of the Air Transport and Aviation Sector and the ability to prevent and contrast future cyber-attack scenarios.


The ITAIR ISAC will represent a central resource for the collection, enrichment and sharing of cyber threat information tailored to the needs of the Sector, thus becoming a crucial tool enabling members of its community to bolster the dissemination of knowledge, expertise and analysis and strengthen the cooperation between public and private sectors, at the national and international levels.


The ITAIR ISAC will provide the following services:

  • Gather, analyze and exchange Cyber Threat Intelligence through flows of Indicator of Compromise (IoCs) on threats, vulnerabilities, cyberattacks and best practices relevant for the Air Transport and Aviation Sector.
  • Produce and disseminate reports providing analysis of main cybersecurity trends with a focus on threat actors’ tactics, techniques, and procedures.


  • Enhance visibility on current and emerging cyber threats relevant for the Sector.
  • Strengthen threat detection capabilities by integrating Indicators of Compromise into the detection systems (e.g., SIEM systems, IDS/IPS) of the ITAIR ISAC’s community members.
  • Improve the ability to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from cyberincidents.
  • Be part of a structured information sharing community continuously engaging stakeholders both at the national and international levels and enriching over time the service offerings.


ITAIR ISAC will activate specific mechanisms to allow national and international players to become part of its Community.



September, 1, 2020 – October, 31, 2022


€ 516.631,35

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